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Pro-Gay Pat Quinn Re-Elected Illinois Governor

This is very good news: The prospects of a civil unions bill becoming law in Illinois are brighter Thursday with the reelection of Governor Pat

November 05, 2010 Blog

Brian Brown’s Definition of ‘Victory’

Jeremy Hooper has outdone himself

November 05, 2010 Blog

Peter LaBarbera’s Posting Porn Again

So there’s a post over at Americans for Truth right now about how 1. Peter isn’t going to miss Nancy Pelosi. 2. San Francisco is

November 05, 2010 Blog

George Takei: It Gets Better/Clint McCance is a Douchebag

Ha, I missed this awesome video the other day. [h/t Watertiger

November 04, 2010 Blog

IA Senate Majority Leader Won’t Back Down on Protecting Equality

This is awesome to see from an elected official — a spine! Senate Republicans intend to try various maneuvers to force a vote [on marriage

November 04, 2010 Blog

In Barcelona, a Gay Kiss-In for the Pope

If you’re in Spain this weekend, you should really be getting your lips ready for some same-sex kissy kissy, because look who’s gracing everyone with

November 04, 2010 Blog

Kamala Harris Declares Victory in CA Attorney General Race

This one was a squeaker for the very pro-gay Kamala Harris, who has vowed not to defend Proposition 8, but Harris’s campaign has declared victory:

November 04, 2010 Blog

A Lesson For All Moms

This piece is floating around Facebook today, so if you haven’t seen it, here’s your chance to read it and share it.  A mom tells

November 04, 2010 Blog

Tony Perkins, Unsurprisingly, Interprets Tuesday’s Elections Incorrectly

Press release from the ever-fey leader of the Family Research Council: Family Research Council President Tony Perkins reacts to comments President Barack Obama made at

November 04, 2010 Blog

The Daily Show Has Some Fun With MI Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell

I thought we all could use something funny, for laughing purposes. Jason Jones of The Daily Show sat down to talk to “cyber-bullying victim” Andrew

November 03, 2010 Blog
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