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Late Friday Random Ten [okay, fine, Musical Theater edition]

Cutting out a bit early today, so here’s your Weekly Round-up and your Late Friday Random Ten. Let us remember the week that was, together:

September 24, 2010 Blog

GOProud’s Favorite Diva, Ann Coulter, Loves Reagan for Fighting Against Gays

HomoCon is tomorrow!  Ann Coulter is speaking!  The gay wingnuts are all excited about it! Kyle at Right Wing Watch points out, for contextual purposes,

September 24, 2010 Blog

Obama Administration Opposed to Injunction to Halt DADT Discharges

This is, frankly, ridiculous: SAN DIEGO — Attorneys for the Obama administration objected Thursday to a proposed worldwide injunction being considered by a California federal

September 24, 2010 Blog

Stephen Colbert Testifies In Congress

This has nothing to do with gay issues, but it’s too entertaining not to share. To any who think Colbert is somehow being disrespectful of

September 24, 2010 Blog

Bigoted Indianapolis Bakery Won’t Make Rainbow Cupcakes, Citing ‘Values’

Did you know that the colors of the rainbow are now debaucherous?  According to David Stockton, the owner of Just Cookies in Indianapolis, they are,

September 24, 2010 Blog

Joseph Farah: Penis Must Conquer Vagina for Marriage to be Real!

Joseph Farah is at it again, arguing that marriage is not marriage unless a penis has conquered a vagina, because of that time-honored passage in

September 24, 2010 Blog

East Village Opera Company – ‘Habanera Redux’ [Carmen]

This is just a cool video to wrap up Thursday.  I found this over at Tbogg’s place, in his Wednesday Random Ten, and it is

September 23, 2010 Blog

For Bill Donohue, Every Day Is Opposite Day

Bill Donohue, his back all up in a grumpypants huff about something George Lopez said: No institution, religious or secular, has less of a problem

September 23, 2010 Blog

Lady Gaga Made Silly Offhand Comment LAST Year; Peter LaBarbera Cowering in Fear THIS Year

Peter LaBarbera must be behind on his gay magazine reading, because he’s currently freaking out about a Lady Gaga interview in the “homosexualist magazine” OUT*

September 23, 2010 Blog
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