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Signing Marriage Equality Into Law in Washington D.C. (VIDEO)

Wayne posted on this below, and now we have video! (h/t Jeremy) What a beautiful, historic day in the nation’s capital

December 18, 2009 Blog

Catholic Church In D.C. Will Somehow Make It Through, Even In The Face Of Gay Marriage

Oh, everyone, please, take a moment and breathe a huge sigh of relief, for the Catholic Archdiocese in Washington D.C. has decided that somehow they

December 17, 2009 Blog

Popular Gay Website Says It’s Okay For Fundamentalists To Discriminate Against Gays (UPDATED)

SEE UPDATE BELOW I’m going to try to type this out before my head hits the desk… In 2006, an incident occurred in New Mexico,

December 17, 2009 Blog

Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown Are GRRR SO MAD About Washington DC Marriage Equality

New strategy, same as the old strategy. Also baring his bloody chompers: Harry Jackson. Quelle surprise. (h/t Right Wing Watch)

December 15, 2009 Blog

Final Reading And Vote On Marriage Equality In DC Happening NOW (UPDATE: We win!)

Watch history being made in the city where our government resides here. UPDATE: The ayes have it! 11-2. As long as the Congress doesn’t stick

December 15, 2009 Blog

Access Denied

I don’t tend to post personal reflections here, or in any kind of prose. As a songwriter, the more personal threads tend to weave themselves

December 11, 2009 Blog

Peter LaBarbera Supports People Dying Without Their Spouses By Their Bedside, Etc.

Period. Wonder what he thinks about the genocide bill in Uganda. OH WAIT, let me guess!

December 08, 2009 Blog

Meredith Baxter Is A Lesbian, Therefore Ex-Gays Exist!

Shorter Peter LaBarbera: Despite what she clearly explained in the interview, Meredith Baxter has magically transformed into a lesbian, therefore you CAN SO pray to

December 03, 2009 Blog

Nathaniel Frank Responds to the “Manhattan Declaration”

Nathaniel Frank, author of Unfriendly Fire, has written the best response I’ve seen to the hateful, angst-ridden screed known as the Manhattan Declaration, which Bruce

November 25, 2009 Blog

Star Parker: “Here, have some word salad! I made it!”

So, I’m perusing the wingnutty wares at ClownHall, and what do I find? I find Star Parker, anti-gay “writer” and “thinker,” tossing up a veritable

November 24, 2009 Blog
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