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Wayne Besen: Family Impact Summit 2007 (Tampa)

On Sept. 20 2007, the right wing brought right wing leaders together to gay bash in Brandon, Florida. The gathering was called the Family Impact

September 23, 2007 Direct Action, Videos

The ‘Two-Faced’ Love of Exodus International

“Ex-Gay” group Exodus International swears they LOVE gay people when in front of the mainstream media. When talking to their right wing base or Christian

June 15, 2007 Educational Videos, Videos

Victoria Lavin’s Story

For thirty years, Victoria Lavin thought reading Scripture would make her straight. When the miracle “cure” did not work, she numbed her pain with drugs

May 24, 2007 Survivors, Videos

Rev. Jerry Stephenson: Escaping the ‘Ex-Gay’ Trap

Rev. Jerry Stephenson was a Southern Baptist minister who desperately tried to change his sexual orientation. He attended Worthy Creations, a Fort Lauderdale ministry affiliated

May 23, 2007 Survivors, Videos

Examination of the Day of Truth

Truth Wins Out examines Alliance Defense Fund’s anti-gay response to the “Day of Silence” which ADF calls the “Day of Truth.” This video reveals how

April 08, 2007 Educational Videos, Videos
John Paulk in 2012

Ex-Gay John Paulk Caught In the Act

Wayne Besen has been exposing the “ex-gay” myth for many years and in this funny but yet sad clip recalls finding an “ex-gay” leader at

March 18, 2007 Scandals, Videos

Love Won Out Protest (FOX-Phoenix)

Activists counter Focus on the Family’s goofy “ex-gay” Love Won Out road show

March 17, 2007 Direct Action, Videos

Love Won Out Protest (NBC-Phoenix)

Protesters picket the absurd Love Won Out conference in Phoenix, where so-called “ex-gays” go to acting school to pretend to be straight and pray away

March 17, 2007 Direct Action, Videos
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