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Washington Times: More states likely to ban sexual-orientation change therapy

These laws will eventually pass in all 50 states because they are the right thing to do and they will save lives.

February 17, 2014 News
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What If Jonathan Martin Would Have Decked Richard Incognito?

Had Martin snapped and slugged the white Incognito, he would have gone from not “black enough” to the angriest and blackest man in America

February 16, 2014 Opinion, Press Release
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TWO Disgusted By NFL Report On Bullying and Urges Major Changes To NFL Workplace Culture

The rancid behavior detailed in the report had more in common with the television show Lockup, than what one might expect in an NFL locker

February 15, 2014 Press Release

United States Beats Police State Hockey Team As Vladimir V. Putin Looks On and Pouts

The United States wins 3-2 in the most anticipated hockey game of the Olympics. Go USA and to hell with Russia

February 15, 2014 Opinion
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TWO Applauds New Study Confirming a Genetic Link to Sexual Orientation

A new study helps further debunk myths spread by anti-gay activists who falsely portray homosexuality as unnatural

February 14, 2014 Press Release
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Daily Mail: Being gay IS in your genes, say scientists in controversial new DNA study

New study to reignite the nature v. nurture debate

February 14, 2014 Uncategorized
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NYT Op-Ed: Ending ‘Gay Conversion’ for Good

Ex-gay programs are consumer fraud and TWO is giddy to see an idea we pioneered gain currency in the legal community. Let's shut down these

February 13, 2014 News
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The Camel Conundrum and Why Fundies Hate Science

Next time someone thumps the Bible and points to a passage that allegedly condemns homosexuality, open Genesis and point to any reference of a camel.

February 12, 2014 News
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Only Bigotry Can Stop Michael Sam From Playing In The NFL

Michael Sam is an accomplished NCAA athlete at the peak of his athletic powers. If he isn’t drafted, he should sue the NFL for discrimination

February 10, 2014 Opinion
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WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW: Hunted (A Documentary About Homophobia in Russia)

Please, if you are gay or care about LGBT friends and family members, watch this incredibly important video documentary now.

February 08, 2014 News, Press Release
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