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New Book Exposes Ex-Gay Industry

In his new book, Jallen Rix tells of his journey through the ex-gay industry. San Diego’s Bottomline talked with Dr. Rix about his new book.

“It is a 35 year old, cult-like organization of extreme religious people who believe that not only is homosexuality a sickness and a sin, but they also believe they have it’ cure,” said Rix. “Over the past couple of decades, they have gotten a lot of attention because right wing fundamentalists and political groups have used the ex-gay movement as leverage to not grant equality to LGBT people, saying (in a nutshell), ‘Why give LGBT people civil rights when they can just choose to be straight.’ Over the years, when ‘praying the gay away’ failed to work, they took on a more pseudo-psychological persona. Yet, dozens of medical, educational and psychological organizations have come out with warnings against the harm ‘reparative therapies’ cause.

I have not yet read Rix’s new book. However, he did a fantastic job talking about the “ex-gay” industry in this interview.