davidbahati 300x240 STAND OFF: Ugandan Kill The Gays Author Says He Is Attending DC Conference    While Event Organizers Say The Genocidal Madman Is Barred Via Dr. Warren Throckmorton

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill author, David Bahati, plans to attend a trade conference in Washington DC next week, Dec. 6-8. But conference organizers for the International Consortium of Governmental Financial Management have told the genocidal madman to take a hike.

Dr. Throckmorton spoke to Bahati who said that he was still planning to show up and be a rude, uninvited guest with no manners. Conference organizers say that if Bahati crashes the event they will call in the muscle.

“…his attendance is not consistent with the mission of the organization….He [Bahati] will not be admitted into the building,” an event spokesperson said.

Good for the International Consortium of Governmental Financial Management. It is wonderful that they stood up to Bahati and not allowed this blood-thirsty tyrant to present himself as an honorable human being who belongs among polite company.