flowers Will Brandon Flowers Please Say Whether He Agrees With the Mormon Church on Homosexuality?

As “newsworthy” events go, this registers as minor, but it bugs me, so I’m posting about it. I’ve always been a big fan of The Killers, and lead singer Brandon Flowers. It has always been known that Flowers is a Mormon. That is fine. It’s also well-known, to him, that he has many, many, many gay fans. He’s posted this video where he talks about his life, his career, his family and the fact that he is a Mormon. It’s part of the series of videos from the Mormon church that have been spamming us on YouTube for a while now:

Okay, great, you’re cool, you’re talented, you love your family, you’re hot and guess what? You’re a Mormon. But he really never has said whether that Mormonism means that he agrees with his church on issues like homosexuality and Prop 8. I just think he should answer the question. So does Andy, from whom I shamelessly pulled the screen shot above. So come on, Flowers.

Answer the question, and then how about an It Gets Better video? Thanks in advance.