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Lt. General Sergei Umnov

Is St. Petersburg’s Police Chief Actively Ignoring Anti-Gay Russian Skinhead Movement?

Fascism creeps in when the authorities start to look the other way

February 13, 2014 News

NYT Op-Ed: Ending ‘Gay Conversion’ for Good

Ex-gay programs are consumer fraud and TWO is giddy to see an idea we pioneered gain currency in the legal community. Let's shut down these

February 13, 2014 News

Dallas Sports Anchor Gives Incredible Speech Standing Up For Michael Sam

He blasts the bigotry and hyprocrisy of those who claim they're not ready for an openly gay player

February 12, 2014 News

Federal Judge Rules Kentucky Must Recognize Out Of State Same-Sex Marriages

Kentucky is one step closer to becoming a full marriage equality state

February 12, 2014 News

The Camel Conundrum and Why Fundies Hate Science

Next time someone thumps the Bible and points to a passage that allegedly condemns homosexuality, open Genesis and point to any reference of a camel.

February 12, 2014 News

Jon Stewart Slams NFL Managers Who Think Michael Sam Would Be Too ‘Distracting’

You should watch this clip for the Michael Vick joke alone

February 11, 2014 News
(Ken Romero)

Sports No Longer Fun For Fox’s Truth-Challenged Moral Scold Todd Starnes

Poor Todd can't enjoy anything anymore

February 11, 2014 News
bryan fischer

Bryan Fischer: ‘I Love Black Males’

He loves black men so much he wants to get rid of all the gayness

February 11, 2014 News
(AP / Brandon Wade)

Frank Bruni To Homophobic Straight Men: You’ve Been Naked In Front Of A Gay Man Before

Gay men are not automatically attracted to any man they see

February 10, 2014 News

WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW: Hunted (A Documentary About Homophobia in Russia)

Please, if you are gay or care about LGBT friends and family members, watch this incredibly important video documentary now.

February 08, 2014 News, Press Release
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