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(photo by Klaus with K; via Wikimedia commons) 2

Marriage Equality Coming To Scotland!

The bill passed its final reading by a landslide

February 04, 2014 News
Nazis 10

French Website Starring IHF’s Chris Doyle Promotes The ‘Ex-Gay’ Myth

Always crafty, this industry is eying new lands that may be unaware of their tattered reputation at home and many setbacks

February 04, 2014 News, Press Release
laverne 2

‘Loving Trans People Is A Revolutionary Act’ — Laverne Cox’s Speech At Creating Change 2014

If you need to recharge your batteries for the fight for equality, watch this

February 04, 2014 News
Here to help. 6

Mormon Anti-Masturbation Video Encourages Buddy To Help A Buddy Out

Another example of how weird conservative religious types can be about sex

February 03, 2014 News
richard_cohens_racket 3

Martina Navratilova Should Become An ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapist

Even as the number of "ex-gay" clients shrink, IHF is trying to expand.

February 03, 2014 News
M Rogers22 2

Equality Alabama Slams U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers For Homophobic Speech

Interesting. I lived in Washington, DC for eight years and no one ever called me "honey" in the bathroom

February 03, 2014 News
(AP) 4

Pope Francis Blesses Parrot Of Former Male Stripper

The parrot's name is Amore

January 31, 2014 News
brianbrown 5

Brian Brown: The Anti-Gay Movement Represents ‘True Civil Rights’

I can't imagine what Brian Brown would be like if he ever endured real persecution

January 30, 2014 News
motherrussia 1

If Russia Was Honest, This Would Be Performed At Sochi’s Opening Ceremonies

A great video supporting equality in Russia

January 30, 2014 News
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