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nienstedt 9

Minnesota Archbishop To Step Aside After Sexual Abuse Allegation

Nienstedt recently said that Satan caused gay marriage and condoms

December 17, 2013 News
This is what Chaps looks like when he's "discerning spirits." 4

Gordon Klingenschmitt Says Gays Are Working With The Devil

He cites Martin Luther King, Jr., as justification for discriminating against gays

December 17, 2013 News
lively 5

Scott Lively Thinks He Is ‘Qualified, Experienced, And Electable’ In MA Governor’s Race

More of the delusional thinking that's characterized Lively's entire career

December 16, 2013 News
santorum 7

Rick Santorum Thinks Utah’s Polygamy Ruling Is Part Of The Slippery Slope

It's hard to tell whether he's being intentionally obtuse

December 16, 2013 News
mikelee 11

Republican Senators Introduce Bill To Create Special Right To Discriminate For Wingnut-Americans

The senators hope to codify the Religious Right's whining into law

December 13, 2013 News
putin2 3

Putin Tops The Advocate’s List Of The Most Homophobic People In The World

Check out The Advocate's 13 most homophobic people in the world in

December 13, 2013 News
comingout 6

What Coming Out Should Look Like

This is what "pro-family" looks like

December 12, 2013 News
pat 8

Pat Robertson Tells Anti-Gay Woman That Lesbian Friend Could Make Her Children Gay

You don't want your children to grow up as lesbians, says Pat

December 12, 2013 News
nicolosi 20

Joseph Nicolosi And A Couple Of ‘Ex-Gays’ Explain What Makes You Gay

Surprise, it's the same discredited myths they've been peddling for years

December 12, 2013 News
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