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(J. Scott Applewhite / AP) 7

Utah’s Appeal To Sonia Sotomayor Delayed

Many expected them to file first thing this morning

December 26, 2013 News
pham2 6

Woman Gives Anti-Gay Neighbors Gayest Holiday Display Ever

You shouldn't criticize other people's pride flags

December 26, 2013 News
hagee 6

John Hagee Tells Atheists And Humanists To Leave The Country

Hagee is doing battle in the made-up War On Christmas

December 26, 2013 News
Aville 1

Windy City Times Covers TWO Move to Chicago

Truth Wins Out is welcomed to Chicago; Tracy Baim has a new LGBT trivia game called "That's So Gay"

December 26, 2013 News
10thcircuit 7

Utah Stay DENIED: A Christmas Gift From The 10th Circuit!

The 10th Circuit said no way

December 24, 2013 News
dan 5

Dan Savage: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Guy’s Racism Far More Offensive Than His Anti-Gay Comments

Far right Christians only attempt to appear racially inclusive when it's politically expedient

December 24, 2013 News
(AP) 2

Annise Parker’s Response To ‘Duck Dynasty’ Controversy Is The Best One Yet

She really doesn't care what some "redneck wingnut" has to say

December 23, 2013 News
This is the look Mat gets on his face right before everybody goes gay. 12

Mat Staver Very Worried Marriage Equality Will Make Everyone Go Gay

He also thinks the teevee is making bestiality seem funny and acceptable

December 23, 2013 News
stay 2

Federal Judge DENIES Stay In Utah Marriage Ruling — Marriages Will Continue

One begins to wonder how many times the wingnuts are going to have to hear "no" before they get it

December 23, 2013 News
Jim Obergefell and John Arthur, the couple whose situation started this lawsuit. (Glenn Hartong / AP) 3

OHIO: Federal Judge Rules Out Of State Same-Sex Marriages Must Be Recognized On Death Certificates

It's a narrow ruling, but it sets a huge precedent

December 23, 2013 News
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