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A .Gif Chronicling The Movement For Marriage Equality

Watch the movement for marriage equality from 1973 to

December 10, 2013 News
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Robert Knight Says Porno Pete Is The Paul Revere Of Modern Times

I just laughed so hard I literally spit coffee out

December 09, 2013 News
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Sandy Rios Not Sure If Ending Apartheid Was A ‘Righteous Cause’

Scores of our opponents are letting their racist flags fly over Nelson Mandela's death

December 09, 2013 News
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The State Of Marriage Equality: Australia, Hawai’i, Utah, Pennsylvania and Louisiana

Matt Baume examines the state of marriage equality in his weekly series

December 09, 2013 News
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Ruth Institute: ‘Its Not Bigorty. Its Biology.”

It appears the Swedish Chef has taken a job as The Ruth Institute's copy editor

December 09, 2013 News
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Ruth Institute Seems To Suggest Marriage Equality Is Just Like Hitler

The organization has also compared marriage equality to slavery

December 09, 2013 News
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Marcus Bachmann Quietly Rebrands His Counseling Outfit

There's no evidence that Counseling Care is any different from the old Bachmann & Associates

December 06, 2013 News
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Read Elton John’s Statement From Onstage At His Moscow Concert

When Elton said he would speak out in Russia, he wasn't kidding

December 06, 2013 News
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