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Straight Cincinnati Radio Host Cannot Figure Out What Is Wrong With Bryan Fischer

People like Bryan Fischer strike normal people as crazy, which is part of why we're winning

December 06, 2013 News

RIP Nelson Mandela

He was one of the greatest

December 05, 2013 News

Glenn Beck And Mark Driscoll Acknowledge That Marriage Equality Opponents Have Lost The War

It's good that some on the right are starting to wrap their heads around it

December 05, 2013 News

Pat Robertson Teaches Gay People How To Pray For Themselves

He reaffirms that transgender people should have gender reassignment surgery, though

December 04, 2013 News

One Million Moms Very Upset At Macy’s For Exposing Children To Popular Broadway Musical

Monica Cole sees life-affirming lyrics and senses evil

December 04, 2013 News
(Mark Neiman / GPO)

Israeli President Shimon Peres Backs Marriage Equality

Peres explains that "we must allow everyone to live as is natural to them."

December 04, 2013 News

Linda Harvey Attempts To Make Point, Calls Obama ‘Most Racist President In U.S. History’

Because white right-wing activists care about nothing more than the plight of African-Americans

December 03, 2013 News
(Rogelio V. Solis / AP)

Mississippi Forces Couple To Stay Gay Married

Due to state laws, Mississippi's hands are tied

December 03, 2013 News

Functionally Illiterate PFOX Slams NEA Journalist Over Email Typo

So PFOX is whining about a grammatical mistake, yet the hate group doesn't know the difference between "principals" and "principles"

December 03, 2013 News

Jon Stewart’s ‘Bible-Based, Heteronormative Charlie Brown Christmas’

Jon also tackles the British B & B owners who recently lost their fight to discriminate against gay couples

December 03, 2013 News
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