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Brian Brown Very Upset About Senate Passing ENDA

NOM's messaging machine doesn't even make sense anymore

November 08, 2013 News

Hysterical ‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire Was Born That Way

He confesses that he wasn't born a misinformed bigot, which is proof that he can change

November 07, 2013 News

What The Marriage Map Looks Like Now

Illinois's governor hasn't signed the bill quite yet, but this is the map

November 07, 2013 News

Senate Passes ENDA 64-32!

John Boehner should allow a conscience vote in the House

November 07, 2013 News

Eighth Grade Kansas Boy Kicked Out Of School For Carrying A Purse

One day, kids will be allowed to express themselves. Not today, apparently

November 07, 2013 News

TWO Defends Inclusion of Gender Identity in ENDA On Conservative Newsmax

"People should be hired and fired based upon their talents," Besen told The Steve Malzberg Show on Newsmax

November 07, 2013 News

Bryan Fischer Will Show You How To Cast The Demons Out Of Your House

He says he's actually done this

November 06, 2013 News

Tom Minnery Explains Focus On The Family’s Love Affair With Russia

When Minnery says he's not an expert on Russian politics, he's not kidding

November 06, 2013 News

Stephen Colbert’s Apology To The Gays

He now realizes gay sex isn't a choice, but an accident, like with insects

November 06, 2013 News

Maggie Gallagher Attempts To Explain Why Ken Cuccinelli Lost

Maggie is very sad that the American public, including Virginians, have rejected her worldview entirely

November 06, 2013 News
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