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ann 7

Not All Like That: Ann In Indiana

Ann is a mom, a wife, a Sunday School teacher, a small group leader, and a NALT Christian

September 09, 2013 News
rosemary 0

Not All Like That: Rosemary In Memphis

Rosemary is an Episcopalian in Memphis who is Not Like That

September 07, 2013 News
pastor 6

Anti-Gay Pastor Smacked Down By Australian Prime Minister Rudd Calls For Prayer, Fasting Against His Reelection

Having been smacked down by Rudd, Pastor Kevin Prater seems to regained his ability to put together sentences

September 06, 2013 News
Home-Depot 12

American Family Association Under Impression That Home Depot Has Stopped Supporting LGBT Causes

AFA is declaring victory in their boycott of Home Depot, which means they're giving up

September 06, 2013 News
revsusan 3

Not All Like That: Reverend Susan In Pasadena

Reverend Susan Russell is senior associate pastor at All Saints Church in Pasadena

September 06, 2013 News
russiakids 3

Russian Bill Introduced To Take Kids From Gay Parents

In Russia, the straights are coming for the gays' kids

September 05, 2013 News
colby 17

Not All Like That: Colby In San Diego

Colby was one of the first submissions for the NALT Christians Project

September 05, 2013 News
rusgayvictim 7

Religious Fanatics, American Con Artists, And Emboldened Neo-Nazi’s Make Life Hard On LGBT Russians

Russia continues to degrade LGBT people, while its ignorant population bows down to every American huckster who offers miracles

September 02, 2013 News
Caleb 10

Associated Press Covers ‘Ex-Gay’ Issue; IHF Newsletter Announces ‘The End of Homosexuality’

The Associated Press fails to show creepy methods used to cure gays by the International Healing Foundation. Meanwhile, IHF thinks it can end homosexuality

August 31, 2013 News
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