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Defense Department Announces Benefits For Married Gay Servicemembers

The memo confirms that benefits will be awarded as long as marriage equality is legal in the place of celebration

August 14, 2013 News
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On Russian Soil, American Runner Nick Symmonds Dedicates Silver Medal To Gay Friends

There is speculation as to whether his carefully worded comments put him at risk of being arrested

August 14, 2013 News
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The Advocate Profiles LGBT Leaders

Learn about the LGBT movement's leaders and hear what they have to say about the state of equality

August 14, 2013 News, Press Release
"Go 'way! I gotta go cancel ex-gay pride again!" 17

‘Ex-Gay’ Pride Rescheduled To Be Re-Cancelled (?) In September

After their smashing success in July, we are on the edge of our seats excited about their September plans

August 13, 2013 News
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NOM Spokesperson Sings Praises Of Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

The Religious Right are really showing their true colors lately

August 12, 2013 News
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Ignorance About Homosexuality Fuels Russia’s Homophobia

American anti-gay advocates are helping provide the twisted rationale for Russia's propaganda law, as well as propping up homophobic attitudes

August 12, 2013 News
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See Map Of The Most Anti-Gay Countries On Earth

Take a gander at the world's most intolerant places, where homosexuality is illegal. Notice that most of these countries are not the most modern societies

August 10, 2013 News
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President Obama Does Not Support Olympic Boycott

He's looking forward to seeing gay and lesbian athletes medal at the Sochi Olympics

August 09, 2013 News
Monica Cole, head of "One Million" Moms 10

‘One Million’ Moms Very Upset About Naked People In Rent-A-Center Commercial

Monica Cole is again horrified by the realization that we're all naked under our clothes

August 09, 2013 News
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George Takei: Move The Olympics!

Takei argues that there IS enough time to move the Olympics out of Russia

August 08, 2013 News
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