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(AP/Kevin Lamarque)

Scalia Claims That ‘Judicial Activism’ Contributed To Holocaust

Scalia continues his pattern of saying outrageous things in order to get a rise out of people

July 22, 2013 News
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New Study: Religious Right On The Decline and May Be Surpassed By Religious Left

The Religious Right shrinks, while the Religious Left shows promise as younger generations reject extremism and anti-gay doctrine

July 22, 2013 News

Congratulations to Michelangelo Signorile On Getting Married!

May Mike and David have many beautiful years together!

July 19, 2013 News

‘Ex-Gay’ Crackpot D.L. Foster Is Harriet Tubman And Right Wing Watch Are ‘Slave Catchers’

Also, pro-gay Christians are just like slave owners and "Jim Crow racists."

July 19, 2013 News

Ken Hutcherson Claims He Cost Microsoft Either $30 Million Or $30 Billion

Apparently in Ken's head, he's contributing to the downfall of Microsoft

July 19, 2013 News
Grandpa truck

‘Ex-Gay Pride Month’ Reduced To ‘Grandpa’ Preaching At Truck Stops On Journey To DC

The much-ballyhooed "Ex-Gay Pride Month" completely collapses with latest publicity stunt sure to bring howls of laughter.

July 19, 2013 News

Known Exorcist Testifies Against Massachusetts Bill To Ban ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy

The need to pass bill in Massachusetts is personified by infamous exorcist who pulls demons out of gay anuses and mouths.

July 19, 2013 News
(Getty Images)

House Republicans Abandon Legal Fight Against Marriage Equality

The end of the legal marriage fight is finally in sight

July 18, 2013 News
Madore and Heath, just two normal guys holding a press conference about how weird they are.

Mike Heath Climbs Down From Attic In Response To Maine Governor’s Passing Allusion To Lube

Mike Heath continues to be a normal, fully-developed and well-functioning human being

July 18, 2013 News

And Here Is Maggie Gallagher Lending Her Support To ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapy

Oh, but we thought all she wanted to do was "protect marriage," whatever that means

July 17, 2013 News
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