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Australia’s New Prime Minister Supports Marriage Equality

Kevin Rudd's views on marriage equality have changed since last time he was Prime Minister

June 28, 2013 News
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Marriage Equality Highlight Reel

A picture is worth 1000 words. How about a great video capturing the celebration in front of the Supreme Court?

June 28, 2013 News
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Goodness, Would You Look At Next Week’s ‘New Yorker’ Cover?

Bert and Ernie watch the Supreme Court making life better for millions of Americans

June 28, 2013 News
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Pat Robertson Struggling To Process Supreme Court Decisions

Pat wonders whether Justice Kennedy has gay clerks, in there messing with the rulings

June 28, 2013 News
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Rachel Maddow’s Primer On The Supreme Court Rulings

One of the best, most straightforward explanations of the rulings you're likely to see

June 28, 2013 News
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NOM’s New Graphic Seems To Be Promoting Polyamory Of Some Sort

The Religious Right seem to be having a contest to see who can come up with the worst graphic today

June 28, 2013 News
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Family Research Council Wants YOU, On Your Knees, For America

"No homo," they forgot to add

June 28, 2013 News
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Rep. Tim Huelskamp Plans To Introduce Dead-On-Arrival Anti-Gay Constitutional Amendment

We'd suggest that the congressman try to do some actual work, but he'd apparently rather grandstand

June 26, 2013 News
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A Message From The President On This Historic Day

"Love is love," said the President

June 26, 2013 News
(Damon Dahlen, The Huffington Post) 5

Reparative Therapy: ‘Best Training Ever In How To Lead A Double Life’

The fascinating story of Mathew Shurka and his exit and recovery from "ex-gay" therapy

June 25, 2013 News
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