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[Rob Beintema/]

Dumbest Real Estate Agent Ever Distributes Sales Flyers With Anti-Gay Propaganda

Aside from the homophobia, this has to be the dumbest business move ever

May 02, 2013 News
garrison bullying video

New Anti-Bullying PSA: ‘Stop the Bull*hit’ And Stop The Bullying

New anti-bullying PSA with Jason Mraz, Garrison Starr and many others. It's great!

May 02, 2013 News

NFL Players Express Support For Jason Collins

The professional sports community has shown in the past week that they're more than ready for out, gay athletes

May 02, 2013 News
[via The Daily Telegraph]

‘Ex-Gay’ Charlatans On The Defensive About Murder At South African Camp That Promises To ‘Make Men Out Of Boys’

The fact that "ex-gay" organizations have their backs up about this case is telling

May 01, 2013 News, Opinion

Pew Poll: Majority of Muslims Support Sharia

Religious rule is the road to ruin. Yet, millions share in the collective and dangerous delusion that God and government are the same entity

May 01, 2013 News

Nice Things Said About Jason Collins Today

It's refreshing that these are the voices that are winning out in American society today

April 30, 2013 News

Leader Of South African Camp That Promises To ‘Make Men Out Of Boys’ On Trial For Murder

South African case shows what happens when discredited beliefs about manhood and sexuality are taken to their extreme

April 30, 2013 News

Meet The DC Imam Who Performs Same-Sex Weddings

A progressive movement is afoot among American Muslims and Imam Abdullah is one of its leading lights

April 30, 2013 News

Colbert Laments Jason Collins’ Coming Out, Declares The End Of Straight America

First they came for basketball. Next it'll be figure skating and women's golf

April 30, 2013 News

Predictable Wingnuts Say Predictable Things About Jason Collins

Wingnut commentary on Jason Collins is awful, but it's a predictable, boring kind of awful

April 30, 2013 News
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