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Listen To Right-Wing Woman Angrily Drone On About ‘Godless Minions Of Satan’

Our opponents are getting crazier and crazier

March 18, 2014 News
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Scott Lively Speaks To Bryan Fischer About His Failing Campaign For Massachusetts Governor

Lively wants to save Massachusetts, the most "morally corrupt" state

March 18, 2014 News
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Is Peru The Next Place Anti-Gay Americans Want To Foment Hatred?

Dr. Michael Brown is trumpeting the fact that he just went to Peru to incite hatred against LGBT people

March 17, 2014 News
pornopete 10

Porno Pete Worried Gay Activists Are Trying To Steal Christianity

They're worried about protecting bigotry, not Christianity

March 17, 2014 News
(AP / Charlie Riedel) 8

If Fred Phelps Is Near Death, We Shouldn’t Be Stomping On His Grave

We should show them the grace they refuse to show others

March 17, 2014 News
Thom & Ijpe, one of the couples affected by today's ruling. 5

Marriage Equality Comes To (Three Couples In) Tennessee!

The ruling came as an injunction while an ongoing case is argued

March 14, 2014 News
pornohoney 6

Porno Pete Upset About Nice Honey Maid Ad Featuring Wholesome Gay Family

Poor Porno Pete's flimsily constructed worldview is falling to pieces around his feet

March 14, 2014 News
lance 4

Lance Bass Speaks Out For Marriage Equality In Mississippi

Even in Mississippi, marriage equality is gaining traction

March 13, 2014 News
poll 1

Large Majority Of Young Republicans Support Marriage Equality

When we see polls like this, it's clear what the future holds

March 12, 2014 News
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