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Nancy Reagan Supports Marriage Equality, According to Daughter Patti Davis

Will wingnuts tear Nancy apart for supporting fairness, love and equality

April 17, 2013 News

New Zealand Parliament Chambers Break Into Song After Passing Marriage Equality

A spontaneous celebration of love and equality

April 17, 2013 News

Kleenex Alert: Beautiful Short Film Called ‘The Language Of Love’

Watch this film NOW, it's amazing

April 16, 2013 News

The Fiftieth Anniversary of MLK’s ‘Letter From A Birmingham Jail’

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

April 16, 2013 News

MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Offends NOM By Being Good Parent

Children don't naturally hate or discriminate. They have to be taught

April 16, 2013 News, Opinion

An Interview With Magic Johnson’s Gay Son

The Johnsons seem like a great family

April 16, 2013 News

Laura Jane Grace’s First Year As A Woman

The Against Me! singer talks about her transition, from parenting to marriage to everything else

April 16, 2013 News

NOM Goes Global

The International Organization for Marriage will take hate to new, exciting places!

April 15, 2013 News

Rick Santorum Doesn’t Understand Why Lots Of People Wouldn’t Want Him Around Their Kids

Maybe good parents don't want their kids subjected to an hour of anti-gay ranting

April 15, 2013 News
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