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TWO’s Wayne Besen On CNN To Discuss Giglio Imbroglio

Besen appears with CNN host Carol Costello and anti-gay activist Peter Sprigg to discuss offensive cleric Louie Giglio

January 11, 2013 News, Press Release

TWO Statement On President Obama’s Selection Of Anti-Gay Preacher For Inauguration

Once more, President Obama gives a platform to anti-gay preacher with backward views at inauguration. This is Rick Warren II.

January 10, 2013 News, Press Release

Thrilling –Washington’s National Cathedral To Perform Same-Sex Weddings

The National Cathedral in Washington, DC is the seat of the Episcopal Church and one of the world’s largest cathedrals

January 09, 2013 News

Progressive Catholic Group to ordain transgender man to the Priesthood

It is great to see such progress in faith communities

January 07, 2013 News
Pron Star

Former Gay Porn Star With Broken Anus Tells Others How To Live A Godly Life

Failed porn star preaches against anal sex and warns it is of the devil. He also discuss how gay porn broke his behind

January 05, 2013 News

Sad: Man Damaged By Fundie Church Goes Back To Abusers

Church browbeats man and partner into breaking up and conforming to backward fundie lifestyle

January 04, 2013 News

Cowboy Church Dust-up Over Horse Therapy Story

Cowboy Church of Virginia claims they were misquoted. But their own promotional material says otherwise

January 04, 2013 News

Gay Pro Bowler Wins Tournement and Kisses Husband On ESPN

This is a groundbreaking event that advances equality in the traditionally conservative sports world

January 02, 2013 News

Parents Forced Writer Into ‘Gay Rehab’ As A Teen

A story highlighting the cruelty and coercion faced by LGBT youth who are often forced into "ex-gay" boot camps

January 02, 2013 News

Keeping the faith: 2012 in gay rights victories

In the religious arena, there were triumphs for the LGBT community in

January 01, 2013 News
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