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Time For Congress To End Job Discrimination Against LGBT Workers

It is almost 2013 and one can still be fired for being gay or trans. This is a national disgrace that must be changed

November 14, 2012 News
Ken Hutcherson

Ostracized Antigay Pastor Ken Hutcherson Appeals for Allies

Shunned by the Religious Right, antigay bully-pastor Ken Hutcherson assigns blame for marriage equality and seeks new allies. Will hardline ex-gays join him

November 11, 2012 News
Bradlee Dean

Antigay Youth Preacher Bradlee Dean Faces Financial Challenges

Minnesota antigay youth preacher Bradlee Dean must pay a $24,000 fine to Rachel Maddow this week, and faces potential IRS scrutiny

November 10, 2012 News
Starbucks in Dubai

National Organization for Marriage Plans to Incite Muslims against U.S. Companies

The conservative Roman Catholic-Mormon antigay group, the National Organization for [Antigay] Marriage, reacted to the defeat of its anti-marriage initiatives in four states on Thursday

November 10, 2012 News

FRC’s Tony Perkins Claims Gay Marriage Could Lead To A Revolution

FRC says that if the Supreme Court defends marriage equality, there may be a revolution in America. Is FRC provoking extreme elements to commit violence?

November 09, 2012 News

The Republican Party As We’ve Known It Is Gone

The Republican party has historically won victory by appealing to white voters and men in particular, what’s been known as the “Southern strategy” since Nixon.

November 08, 2012 News

Co-Leader of U.S. Ex-Gay Group Says Gays ‘Worthy of Death’

Last week Truth Wins Out wrote about the refusal of Robert Gagnon and other leaders of the hardline ex-gay Restored Hope Network to oppose the

November 07, 2012 News

A Big Election For Gay Rights

The LGBT community has a huge stake in this election including four marriage equality fights. Will we finally break the hex and win

November 06, 2012 News, Press Release

Board Member of S.C. Exodus Group Rewrites History About Success of Alan Medinger

Judith  Hartzell is a board member at Truth Ministry in Spartanburg, SC. It is the anti-homo hive of McKrae Game, one of Exodus’ rising stars. Or

November 06, 2012 News
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