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The New Financial Fundamentalism

(Weekly Column) The New York Times had a revealing article that stated: “Big business groups like the Chamber of Commerce spent millions of dollars in

April 03, 2012 Opinion

Bill O’Reilly Gets a Reality Check on Ben & Jerry’s, Marriage Equality

Bill O’Reilly, the darling of the Fox News Channel, took a minute on his top-rated political commentary show last week to slam Vermont’s own legendary

March 29, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Fred Karger Op-Ed: Maggie Gallagher Bites the Hand that Feeds Her

By Fred Karger, GOP Presidential Candidate We are now certain based on much evidence that the National Organizationfor Marriage (NOM) was created by the Church

March 28, 2012 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

NOM’s Malodorous Methods Fan the Flames of Hate

(Weekly Column) Today, the courts allowed the Human Rights Campaign to unlock an explosive cache of secret records from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

March 27, 2012 Blog, Opinion

The Democratic Party Is Embracing Marriage Equality

The Democratic Party is beginning to embrace marriage equality in a significant way. This week, former President Jimmy Carter, a born again Christian who teaches

March 21, 2012 Blog, Opinion

LGBT Rights Are Civil Rights

Last week, the Huffington Post reported on a new guide recently issued by Third Way, an “influential centrist Democratic group,” for the purpose of helping

March 20, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Fundies, Welcome to the Public Square

Kirk Cameron, the former teen star on the sitcom Growing Pains, has become a growing pain. On CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight,” the anti-gay actor trashed

March 14, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Randy Thomas’ Gossip-laden Passive Aggressive Smear Job; Alan Chambers Lies, Yet Again

Exodus International’s former Vice President, Randy Thomas, has always been rather truth challenged — much like his old boss Alan Chambers. Yesterday, he took me

February 24, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Chaim Levin is Giving Hope to LGBT Orthodox Jews

(Weekly Column) When people think of anti-gay places, the gay Mecca of New York City does not often come to mind. However, Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish

February 21, 2012 Blog, Opinion, Press Release

Rick Santorum = Political Apocalypse

Conservatives are beginning to call for Newt Gingrich’s large, pasty, inflated head on a silver platter. The National Review Online is leading the charge with

February 21, 2012 Blog, Opinion
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