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Lewis Black Takes On Anti-Gay Barilla CEO

The pasta CEO's comments have resulted in TV journalists making a lot of "hot water" jokes, which is annoying

October 03, 2013 Opinion
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Linda Harvey Bitterly Bemoans Existence Of Gay Parents She Has Never Met

Responding to a diatribe from the Most Homophobic Woman In America

September 30, 2013 Opinion
(Artist's rendering of the dynamic leader of the "ex-gay" movement.) 15

World Stops To Pay Attention To Today’s ‘Ex-Gay’ Event In Washington, DC

"Everyone is so excited about Ex-Gay Day!," said no one in Washington,

September 30, 2013 Opinion
marriage 4

A Conservative Argument For Marriage Equality

People of all political persuasions are coming to the same conclusion on marriage equality

September 25, 2013 Opinion
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Michael Brown Says Struggle For Equality Isn’t Real Because Ellen DeGeneres Is Famous

Michael Brown is apparently also completely ignorant of 20th Century history

September 23, 2013 Opinion
pope-francis 16

The Good Pope

While we still have our differences with Rome, the Pontiff seems to be a genuinely decent guy

September 23, 2013 Opinion
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One Million Moms Now Very Upset About Funny Motorola Commercial

Monica Cole's laptop is overheating again

September 19, 2013 Opinion
Cohen magnets 3

All 50 States Should Protect LGBT Youth From ‘Ex-Gay’ Charlatans

In Pennsylvania, State Rep. Brian Sims will join State Sen. Anthony Williams to introduce new legislation to smack down the quacks

September 16, 2013 Opinion
GQ Men Of The Year Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals 3

Corporations Risk Tarnishing Brands By Sponsoring Russian Olympic Games

It took the actor Russell Brand to show that corporate brands can be tarnished when they are associated with fascism

September 10, 2013 Opinion
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