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‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire Is Tired Of Being Sodomized By Liberals

No really, that is what he says in this video

August 09, 2013 Opinion
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Os Guinness: Cultures With High View Of Gays Have Low View Of Women

This is what passes for a "compelling argument" on our opponents' side these days

August 08, 2013 Opinion
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Russia’s Anti-Gay Pogrom Has Disturbing Parallels to Medieval Anti-Semitism

The persecution of LGBT people in Russia has troubling echos of the past, where minorities were scapegoated with deadly consequences.

August 06, 2013 Opinion, Press Release
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Dude Sitting Alone In Dark Room With Webcam Really Tired Of This Gay Marriage Stuff

The American educational system did wonders with this one

August 06, 2013 Opinion
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Klingenschmitt Comes Up With Seven Fake Ways Marriage Equality Has Hurt His Marriage

Yet, he admits, his marriage is as stronger as ever. He's a great martyr

August 02, 2013 Opinion
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Scott Lively Mad At Pope Francis For Embracing Reality Rather Than Scott Lively’s Crackpot Ideology

Dang that Pope for at least being able to acknowledge the existence of gay people

August 02, 2013 Opinion

NOM’s Martyrs Victimized By Mean Facebook Comments

It doesn't matter what you've faced in your life, because NOM getting their feelings hurt is worse

August 02, 2013 Opinion
Self-appointed representative of "educated people." 16

Young Matthew Hagee Claims No ‘Educated’ Person Could Back Marriage Equality

A classic case of projection from a fundamentalist threatened by mean smart people

August 01, 2013 Opinion
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NOM’s Jennifer Roback Morse Competing For Linda Harvey ‘Excellence In Bigotry’ Award?

Like Linda Harvey, Morse simply doesn't accept the reality of the existence of gay people

August 01, 2013 Opinion
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