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cowgirl 28

One Million Moms Horrified That Slim Fast Acknowledges Existence Of Sex, Women Enjoying It

Slim Fast has crossed the line by suggesting that women enjoy sex for reasons besides childbirth

September 10, 2013 Opinion
supremacist 7

‘Gay’ Is A Term ‘Devised By Jews’ For Purpose Of Oppressing Whites, According To White Supremacist

David Pakman's facial expressions throughout this interview are priceless

September 09, 2013 Opinion
sprigg 13

Hate Group Spokesman Peter Sprigg Shows Why NALT Christians Project Is Necessary

Peter's crying wolf about how he's not a bigot

September 05, 2013 Opinion
sambee 1

Samantha Bee Tries ‘Diplomacy’ With A Russian Official

She also points out that in his shirtless pics, Putin looks like a "gay centaur."

September 05, 2013 Opinion
bradlee 12

Bradlee Dean’s Radio Program Claims Half Of All Big City Murders Are Committed By Gays

Also, Obama is a homo and Rachel Maddow still makes Bradlee sad

August 28, 2013 Opinion
"If you're driving an old man who has AIDS, don't have sex with him!" - Pat Robertson 13

Pat Robertson Claims San Francisco Gays Give People AIDS By Cutting Them With Special Rings

Also, the homosexuals have passed laws prohibiting discussion of AIDS, says Pat

August 27, 2013 Opinion
christie 7

Homo-Cons Displeased With New Jersey Bill Banning ‘Reparative’ Therapy For Minors

Gay conservatives can't seem to take a pro-gay position to save their lives.

August 20, 2013 Opinion
What went wrong 16

What Went Wrong For The ‘Ex-Gays’ In New Jersey?

Gov. Christie signed a key bill that protects LGBT youth from quacks. This has officially made the issue bipartisan, which is good news

August 19, 2013 Opinion
Sandy is just so concerned that her version of God is going to destroy everyone. 26

Sandy Rios Hoping Her God Will Punish All Ye Who Makest Fun Of Her

Having run out of actual arguments, Sandy Rios resorts to concern-trolling

August 16, 2013 Opinion
sochionion 0

The Onion Makes Important Announcement About Sochi Olympics

Well-played as usual, Onion writers

August 14, 2013 Opinion
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