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Homo-Cons Displeased With New Jersey Bill Banning ‘Reparative’ Therapy For Minors

Gay conservatives can't seem to take a pro-gay position to save their lives.

August 20, 2013 Opinion
What went wrong 16

What Went Wrong For The ‘Ex-Gays’ In New Jersey?

Gov. Christie signed a key bill that protects LGBT youth from quacks. This has officially made the issue bipartisan, which is good news

August 19, 2013 Opinion
Sandy is just so concerned that her version of God is going to destroy everyone. 26

Sandy Rios Hoping Her God Will Punish All Ye Who Makest Fun Of Her

Having run out of actual arguments, Sandy Rios resorts to concern-trolling

August 16, 2013 Opinion
sochionion 0

The Onion Makes Important Announcement About Sochi Olympics

Well-played as usual, Onion writers

August 14, 2013 Opinion
hutch 2

Ken Hutcherson Whines That Gays Are Trying To ‘Turn Dr. King Into A Queen’

Ken says that nobody is important anymore unless they're gay, whatever that means

August 14, 2013 Opinion
klinger 4

Disgraced Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt Spells Out Revenge Fantasies In New Video

Sitting around stewing about revenge fantasies is not an indicator of stellar mental health

August 13, 2013 Opinion
flag 6

NOM’s Jennifer Thieme Believes Pride Flag Is A Corruption Of The American Flag

The finance director of the Ruth Institute wishes gays would stop "corrupting" the American flag with gay colors

August 13, 2013 Opinion
olympics out of russia 9

It Is Time to Move The Winter Olympic Games Out Of Russia

Russia clearly doesn’t have its act together, so it’s time to move the big show before it’s too late

August 13, 2013 Opinion, Press Release
bryan 9

Bryan Fischer Explains Why He Likes The Word ‘Sodomy’

Also, he refers to same-sex marriages as "naugahyde marriages."

August 12, 2013 Opinion
shove 12

‘Coach’ Dave Daubenmire Is Tired Of Being Sodomized By Liberals

No really, that is what he says in this video

August 09, 2013 Opinion
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