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TWO Board Member Gene Stone Reveals How Sex-Surrogate Therapy Helped Him Accept His Sexual Orientation

NY Magazine article shows how ‘ex-gay’ therapy Is harmful, ineffective, and dangerous

September 23, 2013 Press Release
barber 22

Christian Hate Group Leaders Demonstrate Need For NALT Christians Project

Anti-Gay Leaders Refer To NALT Contributors As Apostates Who Have Renounced Their Faith.

September 19, 2013 Press Release
robertsons 4

‘Just Because He Breathes’ Parents Contribute Moving Video To NALT Christians Project

The NALT Christians Project is excited today to feature an incredibly moving video submission from Rob and Linda Robertson of Seattle. Hundreds of thousands of

September 18, 2013 Press Release
Not All Like That 34

New Platform Launched for Christians to Speak out in Favor of LGBT Equality

Affirming Christians directly challenge the false idea that all Christians are anti-gay, by proclaiming that we are ‘Not All Like That’

September 04, 2013 Press Release
WayneNJ 7

Truth Wins Out Applauds Law Protecting New Jersey’s LGBT Youth From Conversion Therapy

NJ Law Gives Shot of Momentum To Nationwide Efforts To Protect LGBT Youth From Abusive Practice

August 19, 2013 Press Release
lively 3

Truth Wins Out Pleased That Crimes Against Humanity Case Against Scott Lively Will Proceed

Hopes Case Is Beginning Of Effort To Hold Anti-LGBT Criminals Accountable For Crimes Against Humanity Worldwide

August 15, 2013 Press Release
Nonprofit_Leaders_RT 3

The Advocate Profiles LGBT Leaders

Learn about the LGBT movement's leaders and hear what they have to say about the state of equality

August 14, 2013 News, Press Release
olympics out of russia 9

It Is Time to Move The Winter Olympic Games Out Of Russia

Russia clearly doesn’t have its act together, so it’s time to move the big show before it’s too late

August 13, 2013 Opinion, Press Release
olympics gays jews 29

Russia’s Anti-Gay Pogrom Has Disturbing Parallels to Medieval Anti-Semitism

The persecution of LGBT people in Russia has troubling echos of the past, where minorities were scapegoated with deadly consequences.

August 06, 2013 Opinion, Press Release
(via MSNBC) 2

Help Truth Wins Out’s Rachel Maddow Petition Cross 10,000 Signatures!

If the games are to go on, Rachel Maddow should be brought to Sochi to tell the real story of modern-day Russia

August 05, 2013 Press Release
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