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The Advocate Profiles LGBT Leaders

Learn about the LGBT movement's leaders and hear what they have to say about the state of equality

August 14, 2013 News, Press Release
olympics out of russia 9

It Is Time to Move The Winter Olympic Games Out Of Russia

Russia clearly doesn’t have its act together, so it’s time to move the big show before it’s too late

August 13, 2013 Opinion, Press Release
olympics gays jews 29

Russia’s Anti-Gay Pogrom Has Disturbing Parallels to Medieval Anti-Semitism

The persecution of LGBT people in Russia has troubling echos of the past, where minorities were scapegoated with deadly consequences.

August 06, 2013 Opinion, Press Release
(via MSNBC) 2

Help Truth Wins Out’s Rachel Maddow Petition Cross 10,000 Signatures!

If the games are to go on, Rachel Maddow should be brought to Sochi to tell the real story of modern-day Russia

August 05, 2013 Press Release
maddow2 14

PETITION: Ask NBC To Add Rachel Maddow As Human Rights Correspondent In Olympics Coverage

The world will be watching. Do the right thing, NBC, by bringing Rachel Maddow in to tell the real story of Russia

July 31, 2013 Press Release
(Alexander Demianchuk/Reuters) 5

Truth Wins Out Urges Stoli Vodka To Lead The Fight Against Oppression By Totalitarian Russian Regime

TWO calls on Stolichnaya to stop sourcing materials from Russia as long as vicious anti-LGBT Russian laws remain in place

July 26, 2013 Press Release
nyet_surrender 11

Truth Wins Out Urges Boycott Of All Russian Goods, Including Vodka and Caviar

Russia is on a barbarous crusade to humiliate and legislate against LGBT people. We must stand up and stop this ugly campaign of persecution

July 25, 2013 Press Release
randy-thomas2 8

TWO Commends Former Exodus Lobbyist Randy Thomas For Apologizing to the LGBT Community

The "ex-gay" myth continues to crumble, with another key leader acknowledging the harm caused by Exodus International

July 23, 2013 Press Release
Northstar Bennion 9

NY Post Op-Ed Defending Ex-Gay Myth Is Grossly Misleading And Deceptive

Professional 'ex-gay' poses as a client in New York Post op-ed, which fudges the facts and fails to stress the author's financial conflict of interest

July 23, 2013 Press Release
Doyle Hearing 32

TWO Laughs At The Cancellation of ‘Ex-Gay Pride Month’

Event’s sponsor makes unsubstantiated charge that unnamed ‘security threats’ are responsible for event’s termination

July 15, 2013 Press Release
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