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Love Won Out Protest (NBC-Phoenix)

Protesters picket the absurd Love Won Out conference in Phoenix, where so-called “ex-gays” go to acting school to pretend to be straight and pray away

March 17, 2007 Direct Action, Videos

Marriage Is No Cure

Lester Leavitt, believing what his Mormon Church taught him about overcoming his attraction to men, married Barbara in 1981. After 23 years together, they both

February 20, 2007 Spouses, Videos

TWO Unveils Valentine’s Video Showing How Attempts To Become Straight Through Marriage Leads To Heartbreak And Divorce

“Ex-Gay Groups Love To Spotlight The Wedding Photos, But They Never Show The Divorce Papers,’ Says TWO Executive Director Wayne Besen Miami Beach, FLA. —

February 14, 2007 Press Release, The Victims Speak, Videos

Dr. Kyle Pruett: James Dobson Twisted My Research

James Dobson’s assertion that “two mommies is one too many” doesn’t tell the whole story, according to one of the researchers Dobson quoted. Author and

February 03, 2007 Right Wing Distortions, Videos

Dr. Robert Spitzer Urges Right Not to Exaggerate Study

Dobson’s camp has publicized a small portion of the story on gay “rehabilitation.” Dr. Robert Spitzer, author of often quoted research, tells us the rest

January 25, 2007 Right Wing Distortions, Videos

Dr. Carol Gilligan: James Dobson Distorts Research Again

Focus on the Family’s James Dobson has once again distorted research and “cherry-picked” quotes to support his views. This interview with one of the authors

December 17, 2006 Right Wing Distortions, Videos

Ex-Gay Groups Should Stop Bald Faced Lies

Recently, on Fox’s Mike and Juliet Show, ex-gay activist Alan Chambers called homosexuality “empty” and said that he “left homosexuality” because it was for the

December 14, 2002 TWO Ads, Videos
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