linda 300x199 Linda Harvey Urges Followers To Turn Kids Of Gay Parents Against Their Families

(Michael Key/The Washington Blade)

Linda Harvey, the most vitriolic woman in America, had a lot of rather banal (for her) things to say in her radio alert yesterday, but Right Wing Watch reports that she may have outdone herself when it comes to base, repugnant hatred toward LGBT families with this statement, springboarding from a rant about Columbus Pride:

Harvey hopes listeners tell the kids of same-sex couples that they should urge their parents to become ex-gays: “No one has to pursue a homosexual lifestyle and anyone with sense and genuine love for both the child and for our God and for his plans for us will tell that child the truth: lots of people have left homosexual desires and behavior to live lives consistent with the way God clearly made us.”

And this, dear readers, is what we call “evil.” Linda Harvey is telling people that they should literally tell children that their parents are evil and living in sin, as they seek to turn those kids against their parents and destroy their families. I understand that Linda holds to a bizarre, biblically illiterate interpretation of Christianity and that she likely believes that whatever evil she spreads in the world will one day be rewarded in heaven, but religious fanatics of all stripes hold such beliefs and are rightly condemned by civilized people.

Listen to her: