linda 300x199 Linda Harvey Claims People Become Gay Because Theyre So Lonely They Want To Absorb Other Peoples Personalities

(Michael Key/The Washington Blade)

Linda Harvey is not only the most strangely disturbed, homophobic woman in America, she just cold makes stuff up. Here she is explaining that people become gay because they’re so lonely and empty that they want to absorb the personalities of people of the same sex. This is really strange, considering the fact that the average American now understands that the great majority of gay people are just, you know, freaking normal people who happen to be attracted to the same sex, and that, when teens are allowed to come out and have a normal adolescence, they skip a lot of the alienation that many of us felt when we were younger, because we were hiding our sexuality.

Wingnuts like to act like this is some sort of chicken/egg situation. They say being gay makes a person depressed and alienated, we say societal stigma causes those feelings for people who are already gay. But it’s not a chicken/egg situation, because the things we say are verifiable and backed up by science, and the things Linda and Friends say are simply B.S. they made up to provide an explanation for their bigotry.

Also, Wonkette’s take on this is great.

[h/t Joe]