bolton 300x209 Former UN Ambassador John Bolton Supports Marriage Equality

(Jose Luis Magana/AP)

Regardless of what one thinks about John Bolton’s foreign policy positions, it’s remarkable that we have yet another high-ranking Republican, one who has floated the possibility of running for president in 2016, expressing support for marriage equality:

 In an interview with Robert Costa of National Review, Bolton let slip a surprising bit of information; he’s for gay marriage. He said “On gay marriage, I support it, at both the state level and the federal level. Gay marriage is something I’ve thought about at length as I’ve looked at my future. I concluded, a couple years ago, that I think it should be permissible and treated the same at both levels.

If Bolton runs, he would be the first Republican presidential candidate to support gay marriage. (In 2012, former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman said he backed civil unions but still insisted that marriage should be between a man and a woman). Although social issues will not be the focus of Bolton’s campaign, his presence in debates and on the stump as an advocate for same-sex marriage will likely pull the debate in the GOP to the left. After all, Bolton can’t be characterized as a RINO. He has impeccable credentials in the conservative movement and was considered perhaps the most hawkish member of George W. Bush’s administration.

Imagine that. In 2016, it will be a given that every Democrat supports marriage equality, and we are fast approaching the time when Republican candidates won’t consider anti-gay pandering to be a necessity. Social conservatives will, of course, turn on Bolton like a dime, because they have bad short term memories, but we on the side of equality are glad to welcome him to the fold on this issue.