seiu marriage 300x188 A Note To The Supreme Court From A Straight Mother

(via SEIU)

Just posted on my Facebook timeline by a close friend:

Dear Supreme Court, Thank you for understanding that all I want as a friend, an American, and most of all, as a mom, is to see those I love get to share their love openly — with all of the benefits (and even heartache) that come with marriage. Thank you for respecting the families that already exist and the families that are yet to come. To all of my gay friends and mostly my wonderful lesbian daughter, there is no guarantee of acceptance, but, with this ruling, we as a nation must respect and acknowledge your relationships and grant you the same joy, responsibilities and benefits that we give to heterosexual couples. At a time when straight marriages are failing at alarming rates and the responsibilities associated are taken for granted, maybe it will be the gay community that reinstates a seriousness and value to marriage that can only come from a group who fought so hard for the privilege. I love you all and am happy to share this joyous day with you.

I think we know which side has been truly fighting to preserve marriage this whole time.