Gainesville, Fla. Pastor Is Homophobe, Says “Fag” a Lot

SO Jesus-y, this one. I will now liveblog video of this pastor, Wayne Sapp, who shepherds some sort of flock at the “Dove World Outreach

March 26, 2010 Blog

Edge Report On The Texas Fool Board

Edge reports on the Texas School Board’s hijacking of textbooks: The Texas School Board’ approval of a revised social studies curriculum has sparked controversy because

March 26, 2010 Blog

Truth Wins Out Supports Sunday NYC Protest Against Catholic Hypocrisy and Cover-Up

Truth Wins Out supports the “Shame on Ratzinger” protest this Sunday in New York City because we are tired of the Pope attacking innocent LGBT

March 26, 2010 Uncategorized

What Do Marijuana and Marriage Equality In California Have In Common?

Today’s New York Times featured an article about a ballot initiative to legalize wacky weed in the Golden State. Backers of the measure say taxing

March 26, 2010 Blog

Australian Catholic Exorcist: ‘Twilight’ and ‘Harry Potter’ Open The Door to the Devil’s Influence

Wait, Twilight? The vapid crap written by the Mormon lady with the misspelled name about how women should pine over men who mistreat them, who

March 25, 2010 Blog

Texans Freak Out Over Gay Jesus Play

The Associated Press reports: Security concerns prompted Tarleton State University to change the start time and limit the audience of a play in which Jesus

March 25, 2010 Blog

‘Ex-Gay’ Michael Glatze Attracted To Spotlight Like A Mosquito in June

Michael Glatze was a founder of a gay teenybopper magazine. Then, he seemed to have some sort of nervous breakdown and became an outspoken “ex-gay”

March 25, 2010 Blog

Bill Donohue Does Not Like It When The New York Times Says Mean Things About Child Raping Priests (UPDATED)

I wrote this morning about the new revelations in The New York Times that the man who now calls himself Pope was directly involved in,

March 25, 2010 Blog

The Truth About Religion and Absolutes

Opponents of LGBT equality make a big show of claiming they have no choice but to discriminate because of so-called biblical absolutes. However, religious fundamentalists

March 25, 2010 Blog

Catholic Church Protected Priest Who Raped 200 Deaf Children

I guess it doesn’t count if they can’t hear themselves screaming, is that right, Pope Benedict? Top Vatican officials ‚Äî including the future Pope Benedict

March 25, 2010 Blog
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