Scott Lively: ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ Might Have Been Written By George Bernard Shaw!

You see, behind every obnoxious book is a secret gay author! Dianetics? Richard Simmons. Atlas Shrugged? J. Edgar Hoover. Twilight? That would be Bruce Vilanch.

February 07, 2010 Blog

D.C.-Area Public Schools Distribute Hate Group’s Antigay Brochures

When Family Research Council spokesman Peter Sprigg told MSNBC on Tuesday that LGBT people should be thrown in prison for their alleged private behavior, it

February 06, 2010 Blog

PFOX and Regina Griggs Are Now Preying Directly On Minor Children In Schools

An article in yesterday’s Washington Post reveals that, due to a ruling which requires schools to distribute materials from any non-profit organization, Regina Griggs has

February 06, 2010 Blog

Frank Rich on DADT Repeal: “Smoke the Bigots out of the Closet”

The New York Times’ Frank Rich has a column in tomorrow’s edition on the relative silence of Republican leaders in the face of overwhelming public

February 06, 2010 Blog

The Movable Middle Is Real

This video, where a regular woman who is gay talks to a regular woman who is straight about the issue of equality in marriage is

February 06, 2010 Blog


Behold the power of Fundamentalist Christian delusion. Jacob, I don’t know who you are, but these people are predators. Your sexuality is part of you,

February 06, 2010 Blog

Common Criminal Oliver North Suggests DADT Repeal Will Open the Door for Pedophiles in the Military

Huh. Since most pedophiles are straight, how are these two things related? And since most pedophiles are straight, aren’t they already allowed to serve? Convicted

February 05, 2010 Blog

Shorter Jonah Goldberg: “Man, What’s a Bigot Gotta Do to Get Some Attention Around Here?”

Jonah Goldberg, or as he’s known around the entire internet, “The Doughy Pantload,” writing on DADT today: [H]as anyone heard, seen or read a mainstream

February 05, 2010 Blog

What Ninth Commandment…?

Dan Savage over at SLOG pointed me to this latest example of how the kook pews fight for virtue, morality and godliness. Scott Maxwell over

February 05, 2010 Blog

SLIDESHOW: Equality Advocates Unite in Boston to Defend Ugandans’ Human Rights

Join The Impact – Massachusetts, Boston GLAAD, Political Research Associates, Truth Wins Out, and local equality supporters joined in Boston on Feb. 4 to protest

February 05, 2010 Blog
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