Traditional Families Are Threatened by Men Who Are Insecure, Not The Gay Couple Next Door

(Weekly Column) A new poll by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life shows that if a modern woman’ place is in the kitchen

January 19, 2010 Blog

ALSO Not Helping

A Christian ministry from New Mexico is sending Go-Go-Gadget Bibles to Haiti, so, not to be outdone in the “absolutely useless” department, John Travolta and

January 19, 2010 Blog

And Could We Also Please Keep The Courtroom Lights Turned Off…?

This from last Friday’s Washington Post article about the Proposition 8 trial… Witness: Gay marriage made her feel like family SAN FRANCISCO — Getting married

January 19, 2010 Blog

Immoral Support in South Africa for Ugandan Bigotry, Discrimination

Like others in South Africa over the past few years, I have long been asking the South African government for an explanation for not signing

January 19, 2010 Blog

Not Helping

A Christian group from Albuquerque, having witnessed the devasation in Haiti, has decided to send six hundred solar powered Bibles to the destroyed nation. Over

January 19, 2010 Blog

Massachusetts Voters, Do NOT Stay Home Today

The Senate is the most undemocratic legislative body on Planet Earth, and this is simply not a time we can afford to lose that 60th

January 19, 2010 Blog

A Psychiatrist Deconstructs Sexual-Conversion Therapies

Dr. Jack Drescher, M.D., is a psychiatrist and psychologist in private practice in New York City. He presented the second keynote address at the Anti-Heterosexism

January 18, 2010 Blog, Medical Professionals, Videos

Why the Christian Right Needs Reparative Therapy

Opponents of antigay prejudice and arrogance gathered in south Florida two months ago at the Anti-Heterosexism Conference to expose the deceit of the ex-gay and

Survivors of Abusive Ex-Gay Programs Remember

People who were spiritually and emotionally injured by “ex-gay” ministries and reparative therapy gathered in south Florida two months ago to reflect on their experiences

January 18, 2010 Blog, Survivors, Videos

“Against The Public Policy Of The State”

Here in my home state of Maryland, state delegate Emmett Burns Jr. (D – Baltimore County), known among activists here as a reliable opponent of

January 18, 2010 Blog
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