Wall Street Journal: U.S. Assails Uganda Plan to Toughen Antigay Law

The Wall Street Journal Reports: U.S. officials are turning up the heat on Uganda over a controversial proposal to toughen laws against homosexuality, but the

December 18, 2009 Blog

Ellen Degeneres Speaks Out on Uganda Death Bill

Ellen wrote the following today: “I’m so thankful for the freedoms that we have in this country; the freedom of speech, the freedom to vote

December 17, 2009 Blog

Catholic Church In D.C. Will Somehow Make It Through, Even In The Face Of Gay Marriage

Oh, everyone, please, take a moment and breathe a huge sigh of relief, for the Catholic Archdiocese in Washington D.C. has decided that somehow they

December 17, 2009 Blog

Popular Gay Website Says It’s Okay For Fundamentalists To Discriminate Against Gays (UPDATED)

SEE UPDATE BELOW I’m going to try to type this out before my head hits the desk… In 2006, an incident occurred in New Mexico,

December 17, 2009 Blog

European Parliament Firmly Denounces Ugandan “Anti-Gay’ Bill

From UK Gay News The European Parliament, meeting in Strasbourg, today adopted a resolution strongly condemning the Anti Homosexuality Bill 2009 , a Private Members

December 17, 2009 Blog

Exodus’ Randy Thomas And The Banality of Evil

In the past week, Truth Wins Out has been dealing with twin tragedies caused, in part, by Exodus International, the nation’s largest “pray away the

December 17, 2009 Blog

Same-Sex Benefits Issue Turns Personal

Tuesday night’ County Commissioner’ meeting erupted after Mecklenberg (Charlotte, N.C.) Commissioner Bill James used a gay slur when referring to another commissioner’ son, who died

December 17, 2009 Blog

Double Take

South Africa as yet, has remained completely silent on the issue of pink human rights in Africa, specifically Uganda – presumably on the “head-in-the-sand” principle

December 17, 2009 Blog

BBC’s Idiotic Polling Question

Should Uganda debate gay execution? Should homosexuals face execution? Yes, we accept it is a stark and disturbing question. But this is the reality behind

December 16, 2009 Blog

Gay activists laud ex-gay ministry’ separation from int’l group

Ex-gay organization had been source of contention locally By Todd A. Heywood 12/16/09 9:57 AM LANSING — Gay rights advocates are lauding a split between

December 16, 2009 Blog, News
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