Anti-Gay Missouri Speaker’s S&M Tryst Forgets ‘Green Balloons’ Safe Word

Former Missouri Speaker of the House and opponent of “deviate sexual intercourse” Rod Jetton is facing felony charges for an S&M session gone horribly wrong,

December 09, 2009 Blog

Mainstream Christians Stand Up Against Uganda Hate Bill

Faith in Public Life and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good and other Christian leaders from across denominations united on Monday to denounce the

December 09, 2009 Blog

MSNBC: The Story Behind ‘Curing’ the Gays

Rachel Maddow offers an insightful primer about the ex-gay movement. She interviews Mark Benjamin, who infiltrated the movement in 2005 and wrote a lengthy investigative

December 09, 2009 Blog

Maddow to Cohen: ‘It’s In Your Book, Dude’

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy From Daily Kos: Rachel Maddow has completed one of her patented epic takedown

December 09, 2009 Blog

Another Reason For Conservative Anglicans To Hate The U.S. Episcopal Church

…besides that they elected another gay Bishop. And when you get right down to it, probably they count this sin as even more unpardonable. From

December 08, 2009 Blog

‘Ex-Gay’ Icon Richard Cohen Tied To Uganda Hate Bill On Rachel Maddow Show

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

December 08, 2009 Blog

Peter LaBarbera Supports People Dying Without Their Spouses By Their Bedside, Etc.

Period. Wonder what he thinks about the genocide bill in Uganda. OH WAIT, let me guess!

December 08, 2009 Blog

The Archbishop Breaks His Silence…

…But not about Uganda’s Kill-The-Gays law. Archbishop of Canterbury rebukes Episcopal leaders after L.A. diocese elects gay bishop The spiritual leader of the global Anglican

December 07, 2009 Blog

Hundreds File Abuse Claims Against Jesuits; Yet Bill Donohue Attacks PETA

Religious “morality” is once again on open display with the news that more than 500 people have filed claims accusing Jesuits of sexually abusing children

December 07, 2009 Blog

Journalist Explores ‘Journey into ManHunt’ ‘Ex-Gay’ Boot Camp

Journalist Ted Cox went undercover to explore Journey into Manhood (some call it Journey into ManHunt), a campy “ex-gay” camp that practices bizarre techniques and

December 06, 2009 Blog
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