The Archbishop Breaks His Silence…

…But not about Uganda’s Kill-The-Gays law. Archbishop of Canterbury rebukes Episcopal leaders after L.A. diocese elects gay bishop The spiritual leader of the global Anglican

December 07, 2009 Blog

Hundreds File Abuse Claims Against Jesuits; Yet Bill Donohue Attacks PETA

Religious “morality” is once again on open display with the news that more than 500 people have filed claims accusing Jesuits of sexually abusing children

December 07, 2009 Blog

Journalist Explores ‘Journey into ManHunt’ ‘Ex-Gay’ Boot Camp

Journalist Ted Cox went undercover to explore Journey into Manhood (some call it Journey into ManHunt), a campy “ex-gay” camp that practices bizarre techniques and

December 06, 2009 Blog

Anti-Gay Group Attacks Santa Play In New York

Under the leadership of James Dobson, Focus on the Family was infamous for distorting the work of researchers, earning it the nickname, “Focus on the

December 06, 2009 Blog, Press Release

Catholic Church Lurches To Fringe With New Anti-Gay Rhetoric

The Catholic Church is all but extinct in The Middle East where it began. It is largely irrelevant in Western Europe, its former stronghold. In

December 04, 2009 Blog

UPDATED VIDEO: Republican Lawmakers Ensure Silence = Death in Uganda

Last night, Rachel Maddow aired an excellent 10-minute news segment about the Republican and evangelical leaders who, despite deep ties to Uganda, refuse to tell

December 04, 2009 Blog

Is Ugandan anti-gay bill a sign of moral righteousness?

I got an interesting comment on my website last night. Now while I rarely like to focus attention on those who comment on my posts,

December 04, 2009 Blog

Meredith Baxter Is A Lesbian, Therefore Ex-Gays Exist!

Shorter Peter LaBarbera: Despite what she clearly explained in the interview, Meredith Baxter has magically transformed into a lesbian, therefore you CAN SO pray to

December 03, 2009 Blog

U.S. Evangelicals’ Inaction Ensures Uganda Hate Bill’s Passage

Reuters (via Rod McCullom) reports that Uganda‘s Anti-Homosexuality Bill is likely to pass with only minor changes. While the death penalty may be reduced to

December 03, 2009 Blog

Exodus Web Site Says ‘Human Rights’ Don’t Apply to Gay People

A document on Exodus International’s web site has, since 1996, rejected the notion that the world’s homosexual or LGBT people are entitled to human rights.

December 03, 2009 Blog
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