Black Gay Gospel Singer Gives Exclusive Interview, Dispels Myths

We are now seeing that the idea of a black president seems to drive some white folks crazy. In comparison, the quickest way to drive

September 28, 2009 Blog

Exodus’ Hired Researcher Counters Own Study’s Claim of Ex-Gay ‘Change’

In 2007, Mark Yarhouse of Pat Robertson’s Regent University co-wrote an informal study of ex-gay therapy. The study was funded by Exodus International — the

September 28, 2009 Blog

Study: Christian Right’s Parenting Philosophy Lowers Children’s IQ

James Dobson and his Focus on the Family empire rose to fame on a philosophy of authoritarian parenting that consisted of generous doses of spanking

September 27, 2009 Blog

‘Gay Exorcism’ Victim Claims that He Is ‘Cured’

Pam Spaulding breaks the situation down with her usual excellence and candor: A black teen-ager who was verbally assaulted and “exorcised” by his pentecostal church

September 25, 2009 Blog

California Antigay Groups Defend Bullies’ Rights

Two California Christian-Right organizations — the Capitol Resource Institute and Pacific Justice Institute — say that if antigay parents want to teach their children to

September 24, 2009 Blog

Michigan Now Protects Antigay Bullies AND Alleged Sex-Abusers

The Michigan state senate voted Wednesday to reject a measure that would protect students from violence committed on the basis of sexual orientation. Opponents of

September 24, 2009 Blog

Focus on the Family: Damaging Religious Freedom to Save It?

Knowing that polls show conservatives more concerned about religious freedom than marriage or equality for sexual minorities, Focus on the Family tonight repeated its well-worn

September 23, 2009 Blog

Video: Please Choose Lunch With Me Over Sarah Palin

Dear Friends: I almost lost my lunch when I heard that a woman bid $63,500 to have lunch with Sarah Palin. I kept thinking of

September 23, 2009 Blog, Press Release

Christian Rightist ‘Prayers’ vs. the Rabbi’s Rule of Prayers

Rabbi Marc Gellman: “When you come right down to it, there are only four basic prayers. Gimme! Thanks! Oops! and Wow!” Gellman was commenting to

September 23, 2009 Blog

I Am A Better Lunch Date Than Sarah Palin – Let The Bidding Begin

Dear Friends: I almost lost my lunch when I heard that an Alabama woman bid $63,500 to have lunch with Sarah Palin. I kept thinking

September 22, 2009 Blog
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