Teach The Facts: PFOX Distorts Knowledge of Female Sexual Fluidity

The Maryland pro-tolerance parent-faculty group Teach The Facts launches a thoughtful discussion of research into sexual fluidity among some women. Unfortunately, the ex-gay advocacy group

April 22, 2008 Blog

Noted Gay Activist Suffered Ex-Gay Abuse, Abandonment

Jason Cianciotto, executive director of Wingspan and former research director for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, was subjected by his parents and a

April 21, 2008 Blog

Self-Denial Comes Back to Haunt South African Ex-Gay Pastor

South African ex-gay pastor Ben Dlamini invited controversy when he sought police assistance to evict a gay couple from his house for allegedly violating house

April 21, 2008 Blog

Final Days of ‘Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House’

Ex-gay survivor and performance artist Peterson Toscano writes about the upcoming final performance of his one-man show, “Doin’ Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway

April 21, 2008 Blog

Focus on the Family Protests eHarmony’s One-Night-Stand Article

eHarmony.com, the heterosexuals-only dating service that was once closely associated with Focus on the Family, is now being chastised by Focus’s CitizenLink newsletter and Boundless

April 21, 2008 Blog

Parent Group Monitors PFOX’s Lies to Maryland Students

Teach The Facts, a group of Montgomery County, Maryland, parents and educators, offers a run-down on PFOX ex-gay literature that was distributed last week to

April 20, 2008 Blog

Opponents of Anti-Bullying Day Create Pro-Harassment Alternatives

At least two antifamily, pro-harassment organizations — Mission: America and the American “Family” Association — continued to lobby antigay parents today to shield their teen-agers

April 20, 2008 Blog

Briefly: Focus on the Family Distorts Psychologists’ View on Sex-Orientation Origin

Focus on the Family falsely claimed on Friday that the American Psychological Association believes sexual orientation “is likely developmental in nature.” Focus downplays emphasis by

April 20, 2008 Blog

Briefly: Concerned Women for America Caught Lying about Ex-Gay Fugitive, Life Expectancy

Jonathan Rowe of Positive Liberty and Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars catch Concerned Women for America’s Matt Barber issuing lies about ex-gay

April 20, 2008 Blog

Briefly: Does Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Promote Abortion?

Amid news of the widespread failure of antisex education and virginity pledges to reduce sexual activity and pregnancies, recent discussions have asked whether “abstinence-only” advocacy

April 19, 2008 Blog
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