(Janet Folger) Failed ‘Ex-Gay’ Poster Boy Michael Johnston Helped Lead to Theocratic Center’s Demise MIAMI BEACH – Truth Wins Out today rejoiced over the downfall

May 01, 2007 Uncategorized

Former ‘Ex-Gays’ Blog From Inside Love Won Out In Omaha

Truth Wins Out visited Omaha on April 11-14 to counter Focus on the Family’ Love Won Out conference, which trains people how to pray away

April 17, 2007 Blog

Rev. Stephenson Undercover: ‘These Awful Memories Flood My Mind As I Enter The Church’

Rev. Jerry Stephenson B.S., M.A., Mdiv., Th.M., Th.D., Ph.D. Ex-Southern Baptist Minister and Ex-Ex-Gay Fifteen years ago, I was a Southern Baptist minister and part

April 17, 2007 Blog

“I Wasted Almost $50,000 on a False ‘Ex-Gay’ Cure”

Shawn O’Donnell Ex-Ex-Gay Today, I returned to the Love One Out Conference in Omaha Nebraska to gain new insight on the hate they are spewing.

April 17, 2007 Blog

TWO Releases YouTube Video Examining Religious Right’s ‘Day Of Truth’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Day of Truth’ Promotes Shame and Pushes ‘Ex-Gay’ Conversion Therapy In Public Schools, Says Filmmaker Daniel Gonzales MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Truth

April 09, 2007 Press Release

Examination of the Day of Truth

Truth Wins Out examines Alliance Defense Fund’s anti-gay response to the “Day of Silence” which ADF calls the “Day of Truth.” This video reveals how

April 08, 2007 Educational Videos, Videos

Please Check Out Beyond “Ex-Gay”

An exciting new website was launched this week that helps people who have been harmed by the ex-gay ministries and also tells the stories of

April 05, 2007 Blog

The Right’s Tom Cruise

By Wayne Besen For nearly six years, Richard Cohen was the Tom Cruise of the so-called “ex-gay” movement. His book, Coming Out Straight, was all

April 04, 2007 Blog

Mohler’s Slippery Slope

By Wayne Besen If it were discovered that homosexuality had a biological basis, it would be morally acceptable for a mother to use a hormonal

March 21, 2007 Blog

The Problem, in A Fundamental Nutshell: ‘Is Your Baby Gay?’

By Lynne Duke Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, March 18, 2007; D01 Pity the poor fetus. There’s a lot coming its way. And now there’s

March 18, 2007 News
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