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Joseph Sciambra Was A Gay Nazi Who Was Swallowed By Satan, But He’s Not Anymore

Bryan Fischer, introduce us to your new “ex-gay” friend, Joseph Sciambra! Seeing that Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association frequently claims that gay people

November 18, 2013 Opinion
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Bryan Fischer Would Love A Gay Child By Telling Them They Are On Road To Death And Destruction

Bryan Fischer is teaching wingnuts to destroy their own families

November 13, 2013 News
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Bryan Fischer Will Show You How To Cast The Demons Out Of Your House

He says he's actually done this

November 06, 2013 News
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Bryan Fischer Will Not Have Sex With A Man On A Boat, Will Not Do It In A Moat, Etc.

Seriously, you guys, Bryan Fischer could never have sex with a man

October 28, 2013 News
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Bryan Fischer Bullies Sixteen Year-Old Child He’s Never Met (UPDATED With Petition)

A demonstration of the amorality of the current Religious Right

September 24, 2013 News
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Porno Pete and Bryan Fischer, Together At Last

Watch them deliberately misuse CDC statistics about HIV transmission to demonize gay people

September 17, 2013 News
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Bryan Fischer Explains Why He Likes The Word ‘Sodomy’

Also, he refers to same-sex marriages as "naugahyde marriages."

August 12, 2013 Opinion
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Bryan Fischer Seems To Endorse Sanctions Against Enjoyable, Non-Procreative Sex

Also, Liz Cheney is not a patriot because she likes gays too much

July 26, 2013 Opinion
Don't you just wish he was your grandpa? 7

Bryan Fischer Says Having A Gay Sibling Is Like Having A Sibling Who Robs Banks

Bryan Fischer thinks he has more moral authority on the gay issue than the Cheney family

July 18, 2013 Opinion
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