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Exodus Is Gone, But The ‘Ex-Gay’ Message Stubbornly Persists

The Religious Right has little choice but to remain on the "ex-gay" sinking ship. The alternatives are either LGBT acceptance or fire and brimstone

June 24, 2013 Opinion
Christopher Doyle's doppelganger 4

‘Ex-Gay Counselor’ Christopher Doyle Bemoans Alan Chambers’ Honesty And Integrity

In which we continue to ask Christopher Doyle the question he refuses to answer

June 20, 2013 News
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Angry ‘Ex-Gay’ Activist Greg Quinlan Offers Nutty Quote At NJ Hearing

The crazy things so-called "ex-gays" say. If Greg Quinlan did not exist we'd have to invent him

June 14, 2013 News
Greg Quinlan 9

‘Ex-Gays’ Defend Predatory Therapy in N.J.

Predator-infested "ex-gay" industry blames gays for heterosexual predator Jerry Sandusky

May 06, 2013 Press Release
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Christopher Doyle, ‘Uncle Fester’ Of The ‘Ex-Gay’ Industry, So Mad Right Now, Unable To Read Bylines

The professional "ex-gays" really have their backs up about this

May 02, 2013 Opinion
[via The Daily Telegraph] 7

‘Ex-Gay’ Charlatans On The Defensive About Murder At South African Camp That Promises To ‘Make Men Out Of Boys’

The fact that "ex-gay" organizations have their backs up about this case is telling

May 01, 2013 News, Opinion
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Key ‘Ex-Gay’ Activist Admits He Molested ‘Little Girls’

Christopher Doyle, who often focuses on children and engages in discredited "touch therapy," admits that as an adolescent, he molested "little girls" in his mother's

March 13, 2013 News
ChristopherDoyleHeadshot-471x400 6

Deceptive ‘Ex-Gay’ Curriculum Nixed From Maryland Public Schools

A Maryland public school district is duped into using a fake anti-bullying curriculum created by "ex-gay" quacks. This week they caught on to the scam

February 09, 2013 News

Creep Alert: Christopher Doyle’s Most Cynical, Disgusting, ‘Ex-Gay’ Campaign Ever

I thought I had seen it all in terms of grotesque lies from “ex-gay” activists. But today,  National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality

April 20, 2012 Blog, Opinion

Richard Cohen Apologizes for Hurting People With Lies; Debuts New, Repackaged Lies

Apologies are all the rage with the “ex-gay” set right now! John Smid has been running around apologizing for various things for the past several

October 31, 2011 Blog
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