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Leader of Maine’s Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign Admits They Lied

Marc Mutty, who ran Yes on 1 in Maine, will be featured in a documentary later this year on the campaign to repeal marriage in

April 18, 2011 Blog

Even After Ten Years Of Marriage Equality, Netherlands Still Exists

Moreover, it is being reported that God doesn’t seem to have particularly poured out bucketfuls of wrath against the Netherlands, and that straight marriages have

April 18, 2011 Blog

Louis Marinelli Is A New Yorker for Marriage Equality

Even though he lives in Russia now.  Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown must be squirming

April 18, 2011 Blog

Christopher Meloni Is A New Yorker For Marriage Equality

New video from this great campaign. Your blogger likes having an excuse to look at Christopher Meloni. Just sayin’. [h/t Digital Spy

April 14, 2011 Blog

NOM Turns One Of Their Own Into Marriage Equality Supporter

Jeremy Hooper has the goods on this amazing story.  Louis Marinelli, who became quite influential within the National Organization for Marriage over the past couple

April 08, 2011 Blog

State of Washington Will Now Recognize Your Out of State Marriage

As a domestic partnership.  It’s a bit confusing, but here’s what happened, and I’ll try to clarify below: Washington would recognize domestic partnerships from other

March 31, 2011 Blog

Montana and Indiana Are Being Ridiculous

In Indiana, the state Senate has just passed a bill 40-10 to ban marriage for gays and lesbians.  The House passed it a few weeks

March 30, 2011 Blog

GOP Presidential Prospects Dim Further As Roy Moore Throws In

What do you do when Michele Bachmann declares her desire to run for president, thus raising the bar on GOP Crazy to a whole new

March 29, 2011 Blog

American Catholics Overwhelmingly Support Gay Rights

It’s nice to see that American Catholics are paying less and less attention to what comes out of their church leaders’ mouths. Here are the

March 24, 2011 Blog

Ninth Circuit Won’t Lift Stay on California Marriages

Well, this is too bad: Filed order (STEPHEN R. REINHARDT, MICHAEL DALY HAWKINS and N. RANDY SMITH) Having considered all of the factors set forth

March 23, 2011 Blog, News
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