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Orthodox believers who support the new Russian laws. (Reuters) 11

American Fundamentalists Support Fascist Russian Law Banning Gay ‘Propaganda’

The way that American fundamentalists act when working abroad never ceases to amaze

June 17, 2013 News
Pipe 6

Energy Independence May Free Religious and Sexual Minorities in Oil Dictatorships

Will the energy independence of industrial nations and the fall of oil dictatorships improve the worldwide human rights situation?

May 15, 2013 Opinion

Gang of Thugs Descends on Moscow Gay Club in ‘Pogrom’

Moscow News has a horrifying report: Unknown assailants attacked a gay club in downtown Moscow on Thursday night. At least three people have been admitted to

October 12, 2012 Blog

Madonna Breaks St. Petersburg “Gay Propaganda” Law, Big Time

In her concert last night in St. Petersburg, Russia, Madonna broke that city’s “don’t say gay” law, expressing support for the LGBT community and urging

August 10, 2012 Blog

Russian Man Arrested for Holding Pro-Equality Poster

Sergey Kondrashov is a typical Russian male. He lives with his wife of sixteen years in Saint Petersburg, where he works as an attorney. He

April 12, 2012 Blog

Homophobic Russian Church Leader Gets Caught With $30,000 Watch

Without fail, when one finds a homophobic holy man, there is a good chance he is a con artist using anti-gay sentiment to increase power

April 08, 2012 Blog

Pride House Banned from 2014 Olympic Games in Russia

Earlier this month Svetlana Mordovina, a Russian judge, upheld a decision by Russian authorities to block the organization of a Pride House at the 2014

March 26, 2012 Blog

Here Is How Russia Became Anti-Gay

When the Iron Curtain fell, American fundamentalists rushed in with biased Bibles and zealous missionaries to spread their backward and hateful versions of religion. The

December 17, 2011 Blog

Update on Anti-Gay Law in Russia

The U.S. State Department is “deeply concerned” about Russia’s proposed legislation, which would make it a crime to publicly “promote” LGBT issues, and which equates

November 29, 2011 Blog

Homophobia: A Mark of Loser Nations

(Weekly Column) I knew Russia was likely to embrace homophobia the moment I read that approximately 1.25 million Russians have emigrated from the nation in

November 29, 2011 Blog, Opinion, Press Release
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