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Young Turks Interview Bill Donohue About His Sad Anger Spree Against Jon Stewart

This video is hilarious. Seriously. From the first words out of Cenk Uygur’s mouth, you will be giggling. If you don’t remember, Bill Donohue of

April 20, 2012 Blog

Something New and Different: Porno Pete Whining

Responding to the fact that corporations in Washington state, large and small, are lining up to support the law legalizing marriage equality in that state

January 26, 2012 Blog

Porno Pete Excited About New Hate Video From Molotov Mitchell

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a video from Molotov Mitchell of WorldNetDaily. He’s a sad attempt at right-wing humor and “biting” commentary, which

December 14, 2011 Blog

Low Information Bigot Women Discuss Issues of the Day

Including failed actress/comedienne Victoria Jackson! [h/t Jeremy] Also, no, Victoria, you ding-a-ling, Snopes is not owned by George Soros. UPDATE: Ugh, I’m having to update

November 15, 2011 Blog

Funny Quote of the Day: Porno Pete

From our comments section, where he probably shoulda just stayed quiet: The jig is up: despite the Gay Left’s campaign to smear Christian, pro-family opponents

November 03, 2011 Blog

ADF Releases Outlier Survey Which Conveniently Confirms Their Bigotry

Every single survey done this year has shown that Americans support marriage equality. But the Religious Right doesn’t Do Reality, as their entire worldview is

June 16, 2011 Blog

“Ex-Gay” Preaches “Freedom from Homosexuality”; His Eyes Tell A Different Story

This is Aaron Barton, a purported “ex-gay,” telling his story.  The unedited video is here if you want to see it, but commentary has been

June 07, 2011 Blog

Peter LaBarbera Thought Matt Barber’s “Joke” Was Funny

And Peter was the only one Matt was trying to impress, so yay. Uh, Pete?  There’s a difference between being offended by a joke —

May 02, 2011 Blog

Suicide Note from a Gay Teen

This is hard reading. Really, really hard reading. It was posted at, and it’s from a gay teen, aged 16, named Steven, who attempted

October 06, 2010 Blog

A Picture Fit for the End of This Day

Shame on the 42* American Senators in opposition, and also on the President, who, despite this issue being a complete no-brainer AND polls being squarely

September 21, 2010 Blog
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