gm 300x238 Quack Liberty University Professor Believes Porn Gives Off Pheromones That Make People Gay

What a gay moth.

Here is a column by Judith Reisman of Liberty University, which, as best as I can tell (academic wingnuts are specialists at writing 1500 words worth of BS with no structure or meaning), argues that, because scientists were able to stop the gypsy moth from destroying our forests by jamming a bunch of female moth pheromones into their environment, thus confusing them and rendering them unable to mate, therefore pornography is injecting pheromones (THROUGH THE SCREEN ON YOUR LAPTOP) into people’s environments and making them gay.

I could spend an hour trying to wade through this murky, intellectually bereft, and, frankly, quite sad crap that sad, pathetic wingnuts are trying to pass off as “learning,” or I could just point out that I was stealing glances up guys’ shorts long before I ever saw porn, like, when I was twelve.

I win.